What is Game Fortnite? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite

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One of the up-and-coming games (be it on PC platforms, console games (PS4 & Xbox One) and Mobile (iOS)) that Fortnite is sure will soon land on the Android Play Store.

But, do you know You what is Fortnite? and why is the game so popular these days? Well, then of that, on this occasion DroidPoin will try to discuss various things about the game Fortnite!

So, no need to linger, for you who have been curious about what is Fortnite and various things about the game, here is the full details.

What is a Fortnite game?

Fortnite is a battle royal survival game similar to PUBG (PlayerUnknow's Battleground), but some make this game much more interesting and challenging when compared to PUBG! Yup, really, the element of assembling/designing the Minecraft-style building makes this game very exciting to play.

So do not be surprised, if in a short time this Fortnite game becomes very popular among gamers. This is of course not apart from Epic Game business which managed to combine a combination of death between PUBG + Minecraft that may dominate the game world over the next few years.

How to play Fortnite?


Just like PUBG, this game is a survival game where one can survive at the end of the game that will win the game. You have to search for weapons, armour and other things to strengthen yourself and the rest is how to skill your strategy and your ability to fight at close range or distance.

Similar to PUBG, you can choose the option solo, due to squad containing 4 people in one play.

Then, what's the difference with PUBG?

As already mentioned DroidPoint above, in the game, you can build a house, fort, tower and others according to your imagination. In addition, the choice of weapons in this Fortnite game is diverse, unlike PUBG which is limited to 2 weapons only (in fortnite game you can make all empty slots as a weapon).

Is the game Fortnite free & when it will be available on Android?

via PEKA

As far as the TechDeal knows, Epic Games as the developer of the Fortnite game free this game to all platform be it PC, game console (PS4 & Xbox One ) and Mobile (iOS). No exception for Android is planned to be released next summer.

Well, that's what all you need to know about Fortnite games. Then, who among you here cannot wait to play Fortnite game on your favourite Android device?

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