Vernee is lying about the camera in Vernee Mix 2 [honest article]

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Vernee is lying about the camera in Vernee Mix 2 [honest article]

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3 Comments on "Vernee is lying about the camera in Vernee Mix 2 [honest article]"


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Just about Vernee Mix 2 camera? What a joke. Guys, Vernee and Umidigi are probably the worst China brands.


Vernee who?

Hey so I have a Oukitel K6. I went researching the best camera and found this probably obvious article. But I just really appreciated the fact some dude wrote honestly about it… As is, the prices on chinese phones are seriously insane specwise. But cheaping out on camera or obscuring it’s limitations, it’s so short term. Wish there was just a tiny bit more honesty so people could maximise performance. Also owned an Vernee Apollo because they sent the wrong phone in a post. There was a Manufacturer who did not give a shit about building the best software. Maybe… Read more »

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