15 New Features of Android P – and Other Cool Things

15 New Features of Android P – and Other Cool Things


For those of you who are not watching the Google I / O 2018 event yesterday, here's a complete overview of new features of Android P - and other cool things Google discloses at the event. 

Okay first we'll talk about new features on Android P. In this new version of Android there are 3 important things that become the main focus of Google is Intelligence, Simplicity, and Digital Wellbeing.

Google makes AI or artificial intelligence, as the main foundation of Android P. So Android will learn your habits while using your smartphone, and anticipate your next activity to save time.

1. Adaptive Battery

The first smart feature that utilizes AI is "Adaptive Battery". Android will learn what applications you're going to use in the near future, and what applications you do not use until the next few hours. Then from this data Android will prioritize battery power for service applications that you will use only. This will make the Android P battery more durable without interrupting daily activity.

2. Auto Brightness

The second smart feature is "Auto Brightness". So if the auto brightness usually only adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically based on the light conditions of the room, in Android P, Auto Brightness also learns your pattern in manually setting the slider. This makes the brightness level completely customized to your habits in determining screen brightness.

3. App Action

Another clever feature is "App Action". If on Android now there are Predictive Apps, in Android P  later added App Action, which gives the choice of what applications you will open based on daily usage patterns. When you connect headphones to the phone, for example, the option to continue the album will be raised. The recommendation option from App Action does not just appear in Launcher, but also in other Google elements like Google Search, Google Play, Google Assistant, even Smart Text selection features

4. New Navigation

And switched to Android P's second focus, namely Simplicity. Google simplifies the user experience on Android P. The first navigation menu is now more simple by leaving only one home button bar, as used by Apple in iOS for iPhone X. Swipe upwards will show app switcher to switch from one application to another application, and at the bottom there is an application recommendation for quick access, swipe up again again will appear app drawer contains a list of applications. You can also drag left or right to move the app switcher, or swipe it quickly to the left to open the previous app.

But even if the home only leaves a single button, once, inside the app, the back button still exists. And one more games, text selection you can directly use in multitasking, so you can easily copy and paste without having to open the application directly.

5. Rotation Lock

Another simplification is in the rotation lock, which is now instantly raised in the navbar when you change smartphone orientation. No longer need to bother swipe and press the orientation button in quick action.

There are still many other simplifications to make Android P experience more simple, be it in a notification, work profile, quick settings, screenshots, status bar, volume control, etc.

6. Dashboard

Switch to the third Android focus, namely Better Wellbeing. Here Google wants to make Android users' lives more balanced, between time spent on smartphones, with real-life time with friends and family. So there are some new features to support this.

First is the dashboard. Here you can see the details of the time you spend on the smartphone, how long you spend in each app, how many times unlock a smartphone in a day, to how many notifications you receive today. You can also check each app, such as how long you watch a video on youtube, etc.

7. App Timer

Second, there is App timer feature. With this feature, you can set the time limit for each application. If the time limit is almost up you will be able to notify, and then, the app icon will be grey to remember that the time allocation using the app is up.

8. Do Not Disturb

Third, there is a new Do not disturb mode. So if now do not disturb this mode just one-silence phone, SMS, and the like. In this new version Do not disturb mode silences all things, including visual distractions like popup notifications, etc. Also, when chatting with friends, for example, you just live behind the smartphone and Do not disturb mode will be active. No shakes, notifications, or anything else that enters. But of course, you can include an exception list contact, which can still make contacts even if do not disturb mode is active.

9. Wind Down

And the wellbeing digital feature that I think is coolest is Wind down mode. You just set it to sleep what time, and once it's in that hour, then do not disturb will automatically activate, and the screen display so black and white entirely. In this way, you can have more opportunities to put your smartphone and sleep right away.

In addition to the features embedded within Android P, Google also adds a variety of cool features in various applications and services.

10. Real-Time Navigation

For example in the Google Maps app, you can see the real navigation, right from your smartphone camera. Referrals are provided in real time using augmented reality, as well as details of the location around you. There is even a virtual guide figure who can guide you to a place. To do this GPS alone is not enough, so Google introduced a new technology called VPS (Visual Positioning System) that can predict position and orientation

11. Recommended Google Maps

Another new feature on Google Maps, you can more easily find recommendations of points of interest tailored to your previous interests. For example, you like to eat in a restaurant with a certain menu, then in a new tab called For You, you can find a recommendation of a place you might like. There is also a newly opened place info, while trending, etc.

12. Google Lens

Then there is also a new feature in Google Lens, which is integrated directly in the smartphone camera app. Google Lens can recognize the word with "smart text selection", so you can copy and paste documents directly from the camera with Google Lens. In addition, there is a feature "style match", so if you find a product interesting ya, you can just point the camera to find a similar product.

13. Google Photos

Furthermore, Google Photos is now more sophisticated with the addition of "Suggested Action". So for example in the gallery there are 3 photos with friends, it will show the option to share 3 photos with the friend. Then, for example, there are photos that look dark because of underexposure, there will be an option for brightness improvement.

Well here's another cool feature in Google Photos, namely Color Pop. So you can make the background image so black and white and the image object remains coloured, so the result standout like this. You can even make black and white old-fashioned photos to be colourful and more alive.

14. Google News

Google news was also overhauled by Google to replace Newsstand. So in Google news has been added AI to display news in accordance with the interest, and facilitate you in understanding the news context through full story feature. So in addition to being able to see a summary of the news in a slideshow format, you can also see the details through the timeline.

15. Google Duplex

And lastly, there's the coolest but most controversial new feature, Google Duplex. So later on, Google Assistant can behave like a personal assistant. Let's say you want to cut hair and order a salon, Google Assistant will call and make a reservation to the salon. Virtual Assistant is able to communicate with humans, like a real human being.

Although sophisticated Google Duplex becomes controversial because it is considered unethical and deceive humans by acting and talking like a human. But Google itself states that this virtual assistant will not hide his identity and will clearly affirm that he is a bot.

Well, that's what he goes 15 new features on Android P based on Google I / O 2018 event some time ago. And please pass on the comments column, which features you like, which ones are not, and what features you expect but have not added Google to Android P.

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