Not Just Pixels, Here’s A List of Phones That Can Try Android P Developer Preview 2


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As you know, Android P Developer Preview 2 has been officially released by Google starting yesterday and there are various interesting new features for you to try starting from the gesture, slices, adaptive battery and others.

Slightly different from the release of previous Android Developer Preview which only supports Google's Android phones such as Nexus and Pixel series. Well, on Developer Preview 2 for Android P version, Google adds quite a lot of devices that can try Android P Developer Preview 2 and pull it not just Google phone series only, there is also Sony, Nokia, Vivo even Essential!

Here is a list complete Android device that can try Android P Developer Preview 2:


  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixle 2 XL


  • Vivo X21
  • Vivo X21 UD


  • Oppo R15 Pro


  • Sony Xperia XZ2


  • Nokia 7 Plus


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S


  • Essential PH-1

So, for you whose device is in the list above and interested to try Android P Developer Preview 2, then you just visit Android Developer page choose "get the beta" option, and later you will be redirected to the Android Developer Preview page in masin g-OEM respectively.

How, are some of you here already trying Android P Developer Preview 2 on your device? If so, please share your opinion about build Android P Developer Preview 2 in a comment field.

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List of Premium Apps & Games You Can Download for Free


 Come on Download, Here's a List of Free Apps and Games to Accompany Your Weekend!

The weekend is over and now we're back at the beginning of the week, exactly the beginning of the 2nd week in May. Well, as usual, if we have entered the beginning of the week then this is the time for applications, games and also premium customization that you can get for free alias free!

So, no need to linger, for you who are curious and already waiting

  1. Ekstar Quotes
  2. Ekstar Voice Recorder
  3. Ekstar News
  4. This is a list of apps and games. Freemium ] Whatever ... Voice To Do List
  5. Newtification News
  6. Applock - Fingerprint Pro
  7. Call Recorder Pro
  8. File Manager Pro
  9. QR Code Pro


  1. Defense Zone 2 HD
  2. IQ Games Pro
  3. Ekstar Chess
  4. Math Puzzles PRO 2018
  5. Свет
  6. Adding Fractions Math Game
  7. the Light
  8. Mental Hospital II
  9. Charlie's Planet [19659025] Message Quest - the amazing adventures of Feste
  10. DeepA byss
  11. Stone Of Souls 2: Stone Parts
    1. Deep Space 3D Pro lwp
    2. Random Circles Live Wallpaper - Parallax 3D
    3. 3D Waterfall Pro lwp
    4. Aolix - Icon Pack
    5. Mumber - Icon Pack
    6. Bubbles Live Wallpaper
    7. Firi - Icon Pack
    8. Porent - Icon Pack
    9. Extreme - Icon Pack  

Well, that's the list of apps and freemium games you can get at the start of the 2nd week in May and you need to know that the freemium apps and games listed above have time limits, some are just a few hours and still others up to the next few days.

So, congratulations download  🙂


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