List of Premium Apps & Games You Can Download for Free


 Come on Download, Here's a List of Free Apps and Games to Accompany Your Weekend!

The weekend is over and now we're back at the beginning of the week, exactly the beginning of the 2nd week in May. Well, as usual, if we have entered the beginning of the week then this is the time for applications, games and also premium customization that you can get for free alias free!

So, no need to linger, for you who are curious and already waiting

  1. Ekstar Quotes
  2. Ekstar Voice Recorder
  3. Ekstar News
  4. This is a list of apps and games. Freemium ] Whatever ... Voice To Do List
  5. Newtification News
  6. Applock - Fingerprint Pro
  7. Call Recorder Pro
  8. File Manager Pro
  9. QR Code Pro


  1. Defense Zone 2 HD
  2. IQ Games Pro
  3. Ekstar Chess
  4. Math Puzzles PRO 2018
  5. Свет
  6. Adding Fractions Math Game
  7. the Light
  8. Mental Hospital II
  9. Charlie's Planet [19659025] Message Quest - the amazing adventures of Feste
  10. DeepA byss
  11. Stone Of Souls 2: Stone Parts
    1. Deep Space 3D Pro lwp
    2. Random Circles Live Wallpaper - Parallax 3D
    3. 3D Waterfall Pro lwp
    4. Aolix - Icon Pack
    5. Mumber - Icon Pack
    6. Bubbles Live Wallpaper
    7. Firi - Icon Pack
    8. Porent - Icon Pack
    9. Extreme - Icon Pack  

Well, that's the list of apps and freemium games you can get at the start of the 2nd week in May and you need to know that the freemium apps and games listed above have time limits, some are just a few hours and still others up to the next few days.

So, congratulations download  🙂


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SEGA will announce something important tomorrow

SEGA has communicated, through its official Twitter channel , an upcoming and imminent announcement . It will be held tomorrow in the framework of SEGA FES , an event of the brand itself, to be held in Tokyo.

"You must not miss this, SEGA fans!" They pray in their tweet, which has been illustrated with a drawing with Sonic and colorful forms of the signature. Stay tuned for the next few hours to TechDeal , where we will tell you all about this enigmatic ad.

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All demos, free trials and free-to-play games for Xbox One

In Xbox 360 it was very common to be able to download demonstrations of the games to be able to try them before acquiring them, and in fact, all the games of Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live Indie Games had a demo, which was perfect to be able to discover all kinds of interesting indies.

In Xbox One this tradition has not been maintained, and every timeless demonstration is released, although many think that the numerous online betas are the new demos in this generation.

In any case, there are a few free demos to download on Xbox One, and we also have free or free-to-play games, which are a good way to enjoy a multitude of games at no cost.

Next, we will review all the demos, free trials and free-to-play games that you can find on Xbox One in Europe, sorted from most recent to oldest.

All the Xbox One demos

All free trials or free-to or free-to-play games from Xbox One

Updated on March 1, 2018.

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These are all the free demos that you can download on Nintendo Switch

Since the Nintendo Switch went on sale last March 3, some free demos of its games have been launched in the eShop, the digital store of the console.

Although at first, they were not well indicated and it was difficult to find them, a few weeks ago in the 'Search' menu of the store a category called 'programs with trial version' has been created, in which we can quickly see all available demos.

In the last hours, an important demo has been incorporated, as is the Kirby Star Allies, which will go on sale on March 16.

Here we detail all the demos that you can download in Europe for your Switch.

All the free demonstrations of Nintendo Switch

Updated on March 1, 2018.

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