Still the same, User Android 9.0 Pie Remains Absent in October

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As always, before the turn of the new month, Google will always release statistics on the number of Android users on each version. In the latest statistics released by Google, Android Nougat is still in the top position and immediately followed by Android Oreo.

Then what about Android Pie?

Interestingly, the position of Android Pie is still the same as the previous month, this October apparently there are still no signs of presence from the latest version of Android users. Android Pie seems to still be absent in statistics for October and it could be this month is the last month where Android Pie still hasn't appeared in the latest statistics released by Google (the article started many OEMs that released Android Pie to some of their smartphones).

only a few OEM Androids have started rolling out Android Pie updates to several smartphone series, one of which is OnePlus, Nokia, Sony, and others. The following is a detailed distribution of the Android Pie update for October:

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As you can see from the data above, Android Nougat still plays with a total user of 28.2%. But this continued to decline from the previous months, where now Android Nougat has decreased by about 1.1% (in the previous month Android Nougat had a user of 29.3%). Then in the second position, there is Android Oreo which is getting stronger with a total user of 21.5%, slightly different from Android Marshmallow which only gets a total of 21.3% of users.

So, what do you think about this? Please give your opinion about the absence of Android Pie in the Android distribution statistics for this October in the comments column.

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