Sony withdraws the license in the Yakuza demo 6

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A few days ago the demo of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on PlayStation Store was released. What should be a test with the option to unlock the entire game, an error caused that in the United States was distributed the final version, without limitation and free of charge. After removing this "demo" from PS Store, Sony has removed the license in the accounts, and can no longer play.

Sega has ensured that there will be no penalty for those who accessed the download - they were players who planned to download a demo - and that their progress will be maintained in the final version.

However, Sega has not released news about the re-launch of the demo before the launch, on April 17.

Yakuza 6 is the final chapter in the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu. The story will lead Kiryu to travel to a new city near Hiroshima, investigating what happened to a supposed Haruka accident. In this location, you will meet a new clan, the Himei Alliance.

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