Saturday APPreciation (Apr 14 2018) – Your weekly app recommendation/request thread!

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This weekly Saturday thread is for:
* App promotion,
* App praise/sharing



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What’s your favorite bubble/webhead browser (or browser that handles tabs as well as webheads do)? I keep coming back to Flynx, but I’ve tried Flyperlink, Trine, LinkBubble (RIP), Javelin (RIP), Lynket (formerly Chromer), and others.


I’m looking for a good Dash Cam app that supports the FRONT facing camera. One that can be launched and run in the background automatically (either from Car mode or via Tasker) would be ideal.

I’ve used DailyRoads Voyager before, but can’t figure how to use the front camera. May not be possible. So any other suggestions are welcome.



What’s a good battery monitor? I’m fine with having to do adb commands, but I’m not rooted. I want something that is a little more detailed than the built-in one. Thanks!


Any travel log apps? I use volo which I think is pretty good.. Anything else?


Looking for an alternative to Drivemode that supports Poweramp, Signal and that has a UI that plays nice with Google Maps.

That, or a Poweramp Premium alternative that has great playlist support, compatibility (with other apps and formats) and an OLED friend UI. Ideally lightweight too, but if it works well I’ll be okay with it being on the larger side.


I’m looking for an app like NetGuard but the only feature I need is to just allow or deny internet access on a per app basis. No advanced filtering or logging or blocking needed. Is there such a thing?


Any apps that let you see your Instagram blockers, unfollowers? I know IG killed a lot of third party apps recently, but just wondering if some still work


Best keyboard and texting apps?


What are some cool icon packs? Currently using Ango which is lovely but I want something new!


Is there a messaging app that will at least treat imessage “user liked a photo” group messages correctly?


I’m looking for an app to either preprocess my mp3s or an on the fly app that allows you to send 4 channels of sound to 2 channels. I have an android head unit and the installation only runs to the front speakers. I loose most, if not all of the bass, and, if certain songs are encoded this way, whole instrumentation. That is guitar and vocals on front channels, bass and drums on back. It really is frustrating.


Can anyone recommend any other messaging apps that work without a data connection other than WhatsApp? I use that with my children who only have wifi connections however I don’t like the lack of privacy with that app.


If you read a lot of manga, you’ll love [Tachiyomi]( You can download manga repository from various sites (including hentai) and read it in-app. It also has support for tracker sites like MAL.


At the moment I’m getting a lot of use out of [Daylio](, which is a pretty cool mood tracking app. Allows you to add notes, activities, and moods throughout the day. I bought the paid version so it prompts me at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. Gives you pretty graphs too.

Has been useful to see my mood fluctuating throughout the day and see patterns.

I’m looking for a new timesheet/work log app. The [one I currently use]( is almost perfect but missing a few key features for me. **Things it does that I want out of a different one:** Has a widget for easily starting and stopping a task. Allows me to see estimates of net income and hours used over set time periods. **Things I’d love for a different one to do:** Automatically handle my non-standard but regular schedule. I’m on a twice-monthly hours split for pay, so my schedule tracks hours form the 1st – 15th and then the 16th – end… Read more »

I’ve been searching for a decent diary/journaling app, I looked at journey but that’s waayyy too expensive, I’d prefer to keep it as a last resort option, otherwise the only other requirements for one is that it should be….. Idk how to phrase it properly without sounding demanding but basically I want an app which looks good

Edit: I forgot to mention that I used reflectly and daylio both of which were not that good (reflectly was great aside from the fact that it’s daily reminder never worked)


It’s really old but I started using lux auto brightness again. Really good for the Pixel 2’s overly sensitive adaptive brightness.


Is it possible to transfer data from lastpass to another password manager?


Recommending [BlueCoins]( money tracking and budgeting app. You do have to manually enter your transactions (no bank log in) but all the break downs and charts are really useful. Usable free with some pro features available by a one off iap.


Keepass , bitwarden or enpass – and why ?


Is there anything that can replace [Regularly]( I’ve been using it since 2012 or something, and it’s great (simple and effective), but I’d love to have automatic backups and shared/synced tasks with my girlfriend.