Samsung Fold Screen Mobile Phone For Sale With Fantastic Prices

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The news of smartphones with foldable screens from Samsung is now coming back. The rumoured smartphone named Galaxy X is said to be sold at fantastic prices. Kim Jang-yeol as Head of Research of Golden Bridge Investment said the price of Samsung's folding-screen smartphones when sold in the market will reach 2 million.

If true, then Galaxy X can beat a number of other expensive smartphone prices like the iPhone X 256GB version of the highest variant, which is sold at $1500 in Indonesia. The price is also almost 'grazed' Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design which in Europe sells for 1,550 Euro.


Samsung previously said it is still continuing to brew smartphones with a foldable display or foldable smartphone

Galaxy X is said to use OLED panel, with size 7.3 inch. If folded, then the screen size to 4.5 inches.

Samsung itself has had a flexible display patent that can be folded since several years ago. Samsung is also known to show off a prototype smartphone with a screen that can be folded to a number of European and US operators in a closed meeting at the CES 2018 event early last year.

Unfortunately not known when Samsung smartphone with this latest technology will be launched.

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