Samsung Announces One UI – What’s the Advantage?

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Yesterday the Samsung Developer Conference event, better known as SDC, was just finished and there are some important things that we should know about the event. The first is the Samsung folding screen phone series namely Galaxy Flex, then there is the release of Android Pie for the Samsung smartphone series which will begin in January next year and the most interesting is the new interface to replace Samsung Experience, One UI.

Well, at the opportunity this time TechDeal will try to discuss about Samsung One UI and for those of you who are already curious the following is complete information:

Samsung's One UI is a new interface which is a blend of Samsung Experience designs and which Android Pie stock successfully created a new Material Theme design. So, One UI not only makes the appearance of your Samsung phone look simpler like the stock of Android, but it will also be lighter and will be much easier to operate.

via XDA Developer

What is the advantage of One UI if compared to the Samsung Experience lies in the increase in one-handed mode. As we all know, more and more here are more mobile phones that carry the full screen screen, so users will find it difficult to use the smartphone with just one hand and it seems that Samsung is aware of this by introducing One UI that has 2 area in one screen, where the top screen becomes viewing area while the bottom becomes interaction area . Of course this will make it easier for you to operate the cellphone in one-handed mode.

When will One UI be available?

As TechDeal has explained before, One UI will be present along with Android 9 Pie updates for the Galaxy S9 / S9 + and Galaxy Note9 which are likely to be available in January 2019.

So , for more complete information on this matter, let's just wait together for some time to come.

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