Rollease R16 Roller Shade Clutch For 1 5 Tube White

Rollease R16 Roller Shade Clutch For 1 5 Tube White

Rollease R16 Roller Shade Clutch for 1.5" Tube, White

  • RollEase
  • R16 Roller Shade Clutch
  • for 1.5" Tube
  • MPN#R16C53w
  • will only fit a metal shade to with an outside diameter of 1 1/2"
  • Rollease R16 Roller Shade Clutch for 1.5" Tube, Natural 1 QTY.

  • R-16, for shades up to 16 pounds
  • in Natural ( off white)
  • For 1 1/2" tube
  • for metal shade tube with outside diameter of 1.5"
  • RollEase R16 Roller Shade Clutch for 1.5" Tube (R16C53BK) (Black)

  • R16C53
  • Fits 1.5" Outside Diameter Tube
  • Genuine OEM RollEase Clutch
  • Rollease Roller Shade Clutch (Black, R16)

  • Rollease Roller Shade Clutch (R16)
  • The R16 is #3 clutch out of four in the R series line
  • Tube Size 11/2"
  • Color Black
  • Rollease R16 Roller Shade Clutch for 1-1/2" Tube, Color: Natural

  • Qty 1 - Rollease R16 Roller Shade Clutch for 1-1/2" Tube
  • Color: Natural
  • 16 lb. Clutch
  • Use with Rollease RB560 or RB580 Brackets
  • Rollease R8 Clutch for 1 inch Tube, in Natural

  • Original Roll Ease R8 Clutch fits 1" Tube
  • The R8 Clutch is the 2nd from the smallest of four sizes R3 R8,R16, R24
  • 1" tube x 1-3/4" face
  • Color Natural
  • RollEase - R8 Roller Shade Clutch for 1 1/2" Tube - Black

  • Tube size: 1 1/2"
  • Shade weight: up to 6 Lbs.
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  • 1 Qty:ROLLEASE Skyline SL15 Roller Shade Clutch #SL15H01W / 1-1/8" Tube White

  • For 1-1/8" Tube
  • Rollease Sky Line SL20 Roller Shade Clutch6 Colors for Shades Over 15 LBs. (White)

  • RollEase Sky Line SL20 Roller Shade Clutch for shades over 15 Lbs.
  • Tab Mount