Review Vivo V9 – iPhone X’s notch design

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I've been using Vivo V9 for the last month, and here's my experience sharing about Vivo V9, including what I like and what not.

Review Vivo V9 -  iPhone X's notch design

1. Screen

Okay, first we will talk about the screen. The thing I like about the screen, apart from the sentiments about the iPhone X's notch design, is a relief. Using a smartphone with a 6.3 inch 19: 9 ratio like this, it feels great relief. So use it for browsing, open apps, or watch videos, it's wide and satisfying. Resolution FHD + is qualified, and this screen feels comfortable when viewed.

Review Vivo V9 -  iPhone X's notch design

And what I do not like from the screen, there is in the software optimization. So if in some full-view smartphone like Galaxy S8 / S9 - or OnePlus 5T, while watching YouTube, for example, you can pinch to view the image becomes full. In Vivo V9 you can not do it. The same thing happens in some games, so there is still wasted space left and right.

2. Design & Build Quality

The second we want to see the design. If you notice the especially from the front, Vivo V9 design is fully contained on screen. The bezel is very thin, so from the front, it looks very modern and very modern. Also because of the lack of bezel, you can enjoy a large screen with the size of a phone that is still comfortable with one hand. This is what I like the design.

Vivo V9 2

And what I do not like is the material. Build quality Vivo V9 is actually very solid. It's just the back cover is made of plastic, and the screen is not equipped with corning gorilla glass protection or the like. So you must really cover the cover and screen protector, which fortunately has been included all in the purchase package vivo v9.

3. Camera

Third, we want to see from the side of the camera. What I like from the Vivo V9 camera is the front camera. A front camera is 24MP, really good for using selfie both insufficient light conditions or minimal light. So you can use to take photos in a wider scene. It looks like a panorama but for selfie purposes.

Then AR sticker is also funny, especially for you teenagers or girls who want to photograph and record videos with sticker effects like this.

And though the front camera only one camera, there is already a portrait mode that can give effect bokeh, and the results are also okay. Obviously, in this Vivo V9, Vivo was deliberately gas poll in his selfie camera.

For a standard rear camera come with a sensor that is not as big as the front camera, but already dual camera 13MP and 2MP.

4. Performance

Now switches to performance. One thing I love about the performance of Vivo V9 is not hot fast when used in a long time, including also when used nge-game. In addition, Vivo V9 batteries are also durable and can last up to the day in a single charge.

But, there is a very my pity of Vivo V9 in Indonesia, namely Vivo decision to use Snapdragon 450, and instead of Snapdragon 626 as in the global version. Most likely this is done to minimize the price, by sacrificing performance.

For daily usages such as browsing, multimedia, and gaming, Vivo V9 can run smoothly. Although the overall for normal use is still smooth, with only using Snapdragon 450, Vivo V9 is felt underpower, occasionally appears too much open the application, or the loading process so a bit long

5. Platform (Stock ROM)

Now heading to the platform. What I love from the Vivo V9 platform, it's already using Android 8.1 Oreo, which is the latest version of Android today. Vivo also diligently released updates yes, yesterday just no new update released. Then many people do not like Funtouch OS, but I like because this fun touch has an efficient gesture. Suppose the bottom swipe to direct search, and search results show almost everything in the smartphone, ranging from applications, contacts, settings, files, etc. Frequently used applications are also displayed at the very top.

Swipe up and in addition to quick action, also displayed recent apps yes. It also speeds up access to apps. In appearance, Funtouch OS 4 is also neat and really match with the design of Vivo V9.

Then that I do not like, I mentioned earlier, Funtouch OS has not been optimized for the maximum screen of Vivo V9. Some applications can appear full screen, but some others like YouTube videos and games cannot be fully displayed and leaves room on the left and right. In addition, it looks also iOS really, until the impression of Android it really lost. Â

6 Port Availability & Other Features

And finally, we want to talk about port availability. What I love from this Vivo V9, first still include a headphone jack. Secondly, this phone has a microSD slot which is separate from dual SIM. So not a hybrid slot, you can use dual SIM and microSD as well.

Well that I do not like, Vivo V9 still use micro USB 2.0 port, so not using USB Type-C. And Vivo V9 is also not supported by fast charging, so the charging process long enough.

Well, that's what he goes share experience about what I like and not from Vivo V9 after a month full usage. And for those of you who have an opinion about Vivo V9 please submit it in the comment field.

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