Nintendo is already working on new hardware

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Shinya Takahashi , general manager of Nintendo EPD (Entertainment, Planning and Development), was present during the BAFTA Videogame Awards . The BBC took the opportunity to ask about the company's current plans. However, Takahashi also took the opportunity to break the news: Nintendo is already working on new hardware.

For starters, the BBC asked how it felt to be part of the "return" of Nintendo . Takahashi answered the following:

" We are very happy to have been nominated with many awards this year, " he began. "We have tried to create many products that would surprise all the users of the world and we are very happy to witness the success of Nintendo Switch."

In turn, indicated that Super Mario Odyssey , available on Switch, served to bring "freshness" to the iconic Nintendo saga.

Finally, the final question provoked a more than interesting answer . When asked if Switch's success had been a surprise, Takahashi stated the following:

" Nintendo is constantly working on hardware , so we've been researching and developing," he said. "You can see the new system at some time in the future."

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