New figures and collectibles from The Witcher

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CD Projekt RED and Dark Horse have announced an agreement for the creation and sale of new collectables based on The Witcher saga. Among the products advertised are the Geralt figures and other characters in the game.

In the following images you can see the figures made in collaboration between the developer and Dark Horse for Geralt, Shani, Dandelion, and Ciri:

Geralt can be purchased for $ 39.99, but the figures of Shani and Dandelion will be waiting for a few days until March 14. Yes, they are available for your reservation.

The figure of Ciri, on the other hand, is a bust in which it is represented playing GWENT and will be sold in September. Its price will be $ 129.99. Remember the bust of Geralt that was announced a while ago.

Finally, there will also be a flask, which will cost $ 34.99, and which can now be reserved.

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