Motorola Moto G6 Variant with Snapdragon 660 Released Soon

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via Pocket-lint

In mid-April, Motorola officially launched several new mobile phone variants and one variant of the phone is a series of Moto G6. So far, Moto G6 already has 3 variants of the standard series, play and plus.

But, in the near future, Motorola is rumoured to be releasing a new variant of Moto G6 with a much more powerful processor that is Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. Of course, this is something that has been anticipated by many people since the phone was inaugurated some time ago, Motorola is also reportedly going to boost the performance of the Moto G6 version of Snapdragon 660 with the support of 6GB + internal RAM 128GB.

Actually, the Motorola Moto G6 series has a fairly good specification for the mid-end it's just that there's only one Moto G6 series that uses Snapdragon 6XX chipset that is Moto G6 Plus series, while the rest only use Snapdragon 4XX processor

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Based on the latest rumours that TechDeal is with, the Moto G6 series with Snapdragon 660 is likely to be introduced by Motorola on June 6, along with the release of Moto Z3 Play. But, unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation from Motorola related to this matter.

So, for more information, let's look forward to it with some time to come, of course, if there is information about the latest mobile phone, TechDeal will soon report it to you


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