Lovoo: what it is and how it works

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Lovoo is an app for meetings arose in Germany in 2011. This type of software is all the rage among young, especially for a reason. Break the ice in a virtual, often it can be much easier to find a person in the dark without knowing anything.

Surely many will be wrinkling her nose, sure that it is another application-scam, with a few real people within it, and many fakes. Would it not be the first time true? For this reason, we decided to take a bit of time to explain to the users what is Lovoo and how it works.

Also, not leaving out any concept, we will explain how to best use the application through a short tutorial that includes the phases of registration and use. Understand how to use Lovoo is not at all complicated, but have a trail to follow in case you are totally fasting of this type of service can always be comfortable doing.

Lovoo comes to mobile devices, in the form of application. This means that it is easily installable to all in the easy and fast way. To figure out how to download Lovoo you put away to the respective app store. No matter if you are using Android or iOS, will only take a few minutes to install the service on any smartphone.

In the case of devices “powered by Google”, to download Lovoo we will use the Play Store. It is, in fact, the official solution for installing new applications and all have used it at least once.

If you use daily a smartphone made by Apple, it will surely be useful to understand how to download Lovoo on the iPhone. This time, the reference application is the App Store, the alternative of the giant of Cupertino, designed specifically for its products.

Use Lovoo to meet new people or a new partner is really simple. The strength of the application is the intuitive interface, very convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, access to the GPS position of the device will allow you to find users closest to you.

The first thing to do before taking action is to make the recording. Once you open the app, you will be asked to log in to the service or create a new account. In your case, you will obviously choose the second option.

You can register in three ways:

After you have chosen the one most suitable for you, you finally have gained access to the service. Don't forget to log on to your mailbox to confirm the account through the email service team has sent you.

To allow access to the location remember to confirm the option once you have made the first access.

If you use your Google account or Facebook, you will find many of your data entered in the profile. Vice versa, if you have chosen to use your e-mail address, details must be entered manually.

After you have figured out how to customize your own details it is time to discover the main function of this application. Meet people on Lovoo is, in fact, the main purpose of this service and all of its functions revolve around this pivotal point.

The fastest method to find users in the surroundings of your city or country is to use the option “Near you”. You can find it in the navigation bar at the bottom, indicated by multiple concentric circles.

If selected opens a menu with all the guys or the girls with account Lovoo who have set the location close to your home. Different is instead the card match.

In this section, you can express a vote for the cards of the people that are proposed in a random way. The buttons are three. The first, in the shape of a heart, allows you to leave a "like" on the profile of the user. The second, marked by an X, it indicates that you are not interested and want to proceed further.

The middle button instead, in the form of a letter, serves to send a direct message to people who are viewing it. In this way, you can also use ice-breakers, but do it with a lot of attention. This possibility is, in fact, limited in time and to capture the attention of the user that you are interested to study well, what text to enter.

To discover even more information on the guy or the girl in front of you, there is a method that is really simple. By tap on the picture shown and when you scroll down, you will have access to the details of the profile. You will find more images and all the personal data that a user has chosen to enter. Use the match it is essential on Lovoo, as it increases the chances of being displayed.

For your happiness yes, Lovoo is a free application. It has limitations, however, does not affect the user experience. Most of the features, such as view profiles, send like or messages that are accessible to all users.

To find out who sees your account, or those who leave a "like" instead you'll have to use the credits. After the registration, they will have some available for free that will allow you to complete a certain number of shares. To unlock all of the options instead you must use a VIP account. This mode part of the cost of 11.99€ per month but it is not linear in time.

To buy credits instead, you can freely choose the amount that you prefer. Also in this case, they have incentivized purchases thanks to a system that rewards the larger investments.

Use Lovoo is really a no-brainer. After registration navigate through the menus and find more interesting people to be really simple and fun. If, after our presentation, however, you have decided that this service is not for you, how about going back to using the classic Social Network? We are sure that there are some functions that are ignored by many users who will find it really interesting.

To conclude, we remind you that Lovoo is also available as a website. You just connect to this address with your PC to enjoy all the features even sitting in front of the computer screen.

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