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13 Comments on "LG’s ‘Software Upgrade Center’ feels slightly too familiar"

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LG sucks ass at upgrading, and sucks even more ass at working with carriers at pushing their upgrades out through those channels(while Samsung doesn’t have nearly the same problem of never getting updates to their carrier phones). Since they’re so bad at it, they really should allow us to unlock the bootloaders so that we can fix the issue ourselves with alternate ROMs, but they refuse to do that as well. Truly sad, because the V series has been one of the most innovative and feature rich designs in the past 3 years, and they fumbled it so bad the… Read more »

LG brought this on themselves, their track record is indefensible.


People are up in arms at LG, but it takes two to tango with updates. They aren’t much worse off in my experience than samsung. VERIZON ON THE OTHER HAND, FUCK THEM


I like how every comment is shitting all over LG. It’s well deserved. Cheers, my dudes.


I love the way LG phones look, but their inability to update and their lack of remorse for the Nexus 5x scandal has soured me. I’m going with someone else next time.


I would have bought a G6 if LG actually updated it. But it’s still on 7.0. So Pixel life is the only life I want to live.


This is just them attempting to make themselves look better now that Project Treble makes it significantly easier to update an Android device. Give no praise unless a device is promised and proven to receive 3 years or more timely updates. 2 should be standard.


I don’t believe LG and I will never buy their phones again. Not because the phones are awful. I’m using a pixel XL 2 right now. It’s all about their God damn awful software: skin, performance and updates. If I just bought your device and it’s 6 months late in security updates (LG G6!!!), then there’s no hope. Returned. Couldn’t be happier with the Pixel XL 2 receiving security updates monthly and 2 years of warranty.


Someone I know with a v30 is still on a 2017 security update, meanwhile I just got the April security update on my Nokia 8. LG are a joke with updates.


LG continues to under deliver, color me shocked.


I have an LG v20, and I get security updates, but I’ve yet to get any kind of a feature update/upgrade or an OS upgrade. It’s taken so long to get 8.0/8.1 to this device, and now that I can see how poorly OS upgrades are handled I will not be purchasing another LG device.

Their “Software Update Center” has come too late.


LG ‘Software Update Center’

While TFA points out that *everything* LG’s doing in relation to software updates is **securing its precious PR bragging rights**, “how LG is first with the latest software” etc. In reality, LG’s updates policies are only very slightly better than a typical MediaTek phone vendor.

I hear a lot of talk about how bad lg is on updates. But I have owned several phones from several companies, and **none** of them are what I would call good on updates. Hell, I never got an update on the Sony I had. Samsung took over a year before I got some updates. Frankly. The LG’s I have owned all updated in less than 4 months, and that is quick for android. Yes, updates are an issue. And yes they need to be faster. But at least lg is trying **something** It will probably fail, and we will… Read more »