IOS  vs Android, which one is the best?

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IOS  vs Android, which one is the best?


Iphone Or android which one is the best? This is one of the issues in the world's debates.In the nets, there will be a lot of debate about the good and bad of these two operating systems. But there will never be any decision anywhere. Because, if IOS  is better or not Android, that calculation can not be done in general. It depends on your needs and purchasing power.

But there are some common issues that are better than one. Experts acknowledge that iPhone or iPad offer better performance than Android, in terms of compatibility of hardware and applications.I will discuss today what is the best of these two.


Storage Capacity:

Why not buy any Apple products, Apple will get you hooked up with built-in storage. If you want to buy an iPhone, you have to choose one of 16 GB or 32 GB.But most of the Android devices did not give you this barrier. Although the trend of build-in storage has increased in recent times, there are additional memory cards slot which can be expanded up to 32 or 64 gigabytes in most popular devices.So, because of the ability to have expandable storage capacities, Android is behind the iPhone.


Open App Store:

Open words are not meant to be directly open, but applications and games are meant to be easier for developers in the Android ecosystem. Usually Apple reviews any application itself and publishes it in the application store.This procedure may take several weeks. On the other hand, Google releases new applications in Google Play Store in just a few hours, subject to their policy compliance.

However, sometimes malware or harmful applications are spread. But if you keep anti-virus applications and other users will be safe after reading reviews before downloading any application.Also, the application should not be downloaded and installed from anywhere. Many people think Android is better than iPhone for this simple method of publishing applications.


The default app for web browsers, email and others:

One of the main limitations of the iPhone is its default application. Normally you can not set Chrome, Dolphin or others as the default web browser in any way. There is no option to set Gmail as the default app for email. However, on Android you can choose any application as default for any purpose.One study also found that Fortune 1000 website loading takes Android much less time than the iPhone. In fact, high-end Android phones often offer faster internet than iPhone


Standard cable:

There is no lightning or electric-type connector with Android devices! However, the best aspect is that most Android phones use the standard USB cable, with one head suitable for normal USB and other head micro-USB ports. You can see, you can connect to your phone computer using a cable from your previous device.



Performance is the core of iOS and Android differences. IOS plays a strict role in controlling the hardware and software of their device. On the other hand, Google only controls their Android operating system and leave the hardware on another company.If you are using mobile devices only for web browsing, social network checking, photo shoots, listening to movies and phone calls, the performance field will not be a burden for you.

The role of the hardware for performance is more than the software. In Android devices, you can choose hardware based on your budget and needs.32 bit dual-core processor from 64-bit octa-core processor, 8GB ram to 512 MB RAM, 4GB ROM to 32, 64 and now 128 GB Android devices are available in ROM.Other hardware features such as fingerprint scanners, different megapixel camera sensors, etc. will be available on different Android devices.

But the idea that the same hardware-driven Android and iPhone performance will be the same is absolutely wrong! You can see the differences in performance on different Android sets of the same hardware on paper.For almost 7/8 years, the iPhone topped the performance with its dual-core processor and 5, 8, 12-megapixel camera, which did not have much market share with Android's hardware capacitated device. But now in the current era, Apple and Android are in the position of hard-hitting performance.


Widgets and Lock Screen:

You must have seen different widgets on your Android home screen? Weather widget, Facebook widget, Google Drive or Evernote widget etc. These are but really good jobs.At the time of need, the application drawers make it easy to find out the various widgets and shortcuts. Generally, the shortcut launches the whole application and brings a special feature of the widget application to the home screen.

If you use some custom ROMs, you can also add different features or widgets to the lock screen. But sadly, this would be deprived of a benefit if you use an iPhone.Because unlocking the lock screen on iPhone you will get the application drawer from which you need to find the application you need every time.


Google services:

If you're a hardcore Google fan like me, then the experience of Android will be much better for you. Because Google's own operating system, integration with Google's services is very good.On the other hand, Apple has differentiated it from Google as much as possible from their iOS operating system. Google Maps has been removed primarily from the new version. If Google is a great fan then you can enjoy Google services on Android.



If you are crazy about the game, then the iPhone will be more useful to you than Android. Android can not deliver fluid like iOS.Let's talk about Temple Run, which often loses several Android games, but playing in iOS without any lag.Besides, the iPhone's graphics are much better than Android.


On this article i tried to explain you about IOS  vs Android, what's the best? Hope you understand. Thanks for reading.

Written by, Drishty Rubayet


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