Google could bring the Layar augmented technique

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Google always focused on its innovation, creation and upgrade the technology from time to time. In this era of modern technology, virtual reality Google could come up with the layer augmented technique through which we can scan the photo, magazine, people and every physical thing and connects it with the digital world and gets the information about them.

This technology is basically not yet fully developed but Google is making their effort to bring it into reality as soon as possible. We already have Layar app which is the world's first Layer augmented app through which we can scan the magazines, pictures, Barcode, etc. But we can't scan the real person and get the information about him with that.

The Layar augmented reality can really help the cops to detect and caught the criminals and can help to reduce the crime, with the help of artificial intelligence this technology can do several types of work and it will definitely build in the upcoming futuristic robots.

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