Did you give Facebook consent to collect your call and text history? 89% of Android users say ‘No.’

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Did you give Facebook consent to collect your call and text history? 89% of Android users say ‘No.’

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I am fairly tech savvy, but when my mom first got an android, very recently, she quickly just allowed everything on every app without even knowing what it asked for. I suspect there may be many people like her.


If you clicked “Yes” to allow access to such things, then guess what?

The allow access prompt is a function of Android and requested by FB. You have to click “Yes”. Stop putting everything on FB or an app when people are obviously just clicking “Yes”.


89% of android users are stupid and cant read. If you dont like the user agreement then dont agree to it.


Most apps collect this stuff or have access to it and *could* collect it.

People need to read the fucking permissions they grant apps and grow a backbone and boycott them if they don’t like them.

When you download an app, doesn’t it immediately say “Do you want to give this permission to access: *insert list of things you probably don’t want to give it permission to*” and don’t most people just click yes automatically and not even read it? Apps straight up tell you what they’re doing. They’re usually very transparent. The issue is that the user doesn’t pay attention and read these things. People can say they didn’t authorize something, but they’re probably just wrong because they just click on things without realizing. If you agree to download an app, then you agreed to… Read more »

So 11% of Android users read all of their terms and conditions? That seems high.


89% of Android users didn’t bother to read terms and conditions and clicked yes anyway.

Zucks human garbage but we let him do it folks


Bullshit. The permission prompt pops up asking. I’m no Facebook apologist but come on already.


This just in:! 100% of those same users signed the TOS by using the software in the first place making it moot.


89% of Android users are wrong and don’t pay attention to what they agree to.

I deleted FB 2 months ago because I never did anything with it and hate the compulsive ‘look at my perfect life’ – state of mind people have on it. I dont care what your pregnant belly looks like, or your lasagna. When I deleted my account, it got ghosted and hacked. Some hacker used my account to send rude and aggressive messages to a contact of mine. I let FB know (fearing more ppl would get these messegas by ‘me’) NUMEROUS times, but FB never, EVER replied, acknowledged or did something about the hack. Fuck them. And fuck the… Read more »

I’m pretty sure most people click yes to accept a bunch of things, don’t read anything. I feel like this is what happened. Especially the fact that people don’t read the ToS, I don’t know what to think. People should be more responsible or Facebook knowingly exploited it.

I’m sorry but that can’t be right. We have known for years or at least suspected that Facebook was collecting data. Hell, back in ’05 I knew that what I was doing online was collected by the government, that was before Snowden. People always joked about “ending up on a watch list” for what the google, this was prior to the Snowden reveal, we all knew and let it happen, we only became outraged when is was shoved right in front of our faces and couldn’t be ignored. It’s the same with Facebook. If the NSA is collecting your Facebook… Read more »

I have downloaded apps that will not work unless you give the app that permission. Some games require access to my phone app. I delete them but wonder why they need to know who is calling me.


“Do you remember that you gave consent … “ – I understand that most of the people don’t read Terms of Conditions because it’s long but the permissions on Google Play clearly state what data the app will have access.


They may have said no, but didn’t realize they did consent, when they said yes to allow txt and calling


A lot of it also depends on what a permission is asked for. Not too long ago, sms, contacts and call permissions were clubbed in one. So even if you give permission to sms for say 2FA, it does not stop FB from uploading contacts and call data to their servers. Even today the permissions are not granular and are abused by many including Facebook.

Zuckerberg said in his evidence to Congress that only Messenger – not the main FB app – ever collected these things, and then only if you opted to use it for SMSs. I remember seeing that permission pretty clearly requested when I considered using it for both, at which point I changed my mind, because:privacy. Like most people, I don’t read the 300 page version of T&C so it must’ve been pretty clear. It didn’t look particularly hidden to me. FB is intrusive, and needs to sort out its conditions for app developers, but in this particular instance, I think… Read more »

89% of Android users weren’t paying attention.


89% of Android users didn’t realize they gave Facebook permission to collect their call and text history.


This is exactly why I never allowed Messenger to have my phone number, or access to contacts to “send texts and messages all from the one place”

Hell. Noooo am I allowing that.

…. But then I allowed What’s App, and I had no idea they were owned by Facebook. So that really pissed me off

Ok let me play the devil’s advocate here. First of all, we are consenting to lots of bullshit in our lives continuously. Whenever you open a banking product, or buy a car, or take a loan, or mortgage, or just take some medication, you are consenting to 20 pages of tiny little letters nobody reads. I work in the banking industry, and believe me, you should be much more concerned about all those things, and less about the sms metadata history. But let’s forget about that for a moment. I personally hate Facebook. I hate the concept. I hate the… Read more »

89% of users don’t check the system prompts when installing/logging in the first time.


Thing is, I can’t remember. I’m much more mindful of these permissions now, especially with granular permissions, but a few years ago? I honestly don’t know.


89% of Android users have poor memory and don’t want to take responsibility for saying yes to everything without a thought and then joining in on the privacy circlejerk when it got rolling.

“I accept facebook to collect call and text history to improve my experience”

“wtf facebook actually collected my call and text history”

(good to clarify but its *history* not the actual *contents*)


>89% of android users thought they said no



Many Facebook features “broke” if you didn’t give permission, especially in early versions of Android. Heck, you couldn’t play most Facebook games (e.g Farmville) without sharing all sorts of contact information. This isn’t really the troubling aspect, its that users can’t control what Facebook does with that information after they share it with third-parties. There are no consumer protections here. This applies to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and every “free” service on the web.