With a new trend on the horizon of “Gaming Phones”, I guess it’s time Sony release the successor of Xperia Play

With a new trend on the horizon of “Gaming Phones”, I guess it’s time Sony release the successor of Xperia Play

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Xiaomi subsidiary announces Black Shark gaming phone with Snapdragon 845, attachable controller, starting at $477

Some slides plus prices: //imgur.com/a/O1YUm

Official presentation gallery: //gallery.vphotos.cn/vphotosgallery/index.html?vphotowechatid=F60BE9CF734DF9E4AE7900B2EC2D3A27

Some images are from Black Shark’s weibo (heishashouji)

Presentation just ended. I didn’t see any mention of 120Hz screen but I don’t speak Chinese. If it doesn’t have that I’m not interested tbh.

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State of Decay 2 to launch on Steam

The PC version of State of Decay 2 would come to Steam and not just Windows Store, according to the latest information for a demo shown on PAX East.

In the community of ResetEra they have captured a moment in which, during a broadcast, a message could be seen in which State of Decay 2 tried to connect to the Steam servers. Although its launch on the Valve platform has not been confirmed officially, the first is available on Steam and it seems unlikely that the game makes this mention by mistake.

State of Decay 2 is released on May 22 on Xbox One and PC. This new delivery will take us back to an apocalyptic world full of zombies in which we must survive, either by collecting resources, fighting or building our own refuge. The sequel to Undead Labs incorporates playable new features, such as a desired multiplayer mode and new options in the form of mechanics or renewed graphics.

2K Games would be working on a new BioShock, according to a rumor

Jason Schreier de Kotaku has published an extensive article dedicated to Hangar 13 , the creators of Mafia III . The text focuses mainly on the state of the team, which suffered many casualties after the launch. “Some left voluntarily, others were let go or asked to leave, some went to other companies, others to a secret neighbor studio that works on a new unannounced BioShock .”

“At the next door, a small group was working on a project called Parkside , quietly recruiting for a game so secret that they could not comment it to their colleagues at Hangar 13. However the information ran that was in fact a new game in one of the most interesting shooter sagas of the past decade: BioShock .

“If someone from Hangar 13 tried to get the conversation out with them, they would say ‘oh, we can not really talk about it,’ said one person familiar with the study. ‘It was very tight.'”

“This caused some tension, because some developers of Hangar 13 looked and asked ‘why are not we there?’ The Parkside team worked with Unreal Engine technology instead of another own and volatile – that of Mafia III – and BioShock has a lot of caches between creators and fans, among the mediocre critiques and constant changes of Rhapsody – the project of Hangar 13 -, some members were desperate to change to the other door, some did, but not all. ”

According to the article, Parkside is still not ready for many people to work on it . They are studying the core of BioShock and are careful not to fall for the same problem as other studies, where there are too many people and nothing to do for them. ”

This is precisely what would have happened in Hangar 13 at the end of 2017 until February 15 of this year a significant number of staff were dismissed – some went to other 2K studios.

Nintendo is already working on new hardware

Shinya Takahashi , general manager of Nintendo EPD (Entertainment, Planning and Development), was present during the BAFTA Videogame Awards . The BBC took the opportunity to ask about the company’s current plans. However, Takahashi also took the opportunity to break the news: Nintendo is already working on new hardware.

For starters, the BBC asked how it felt to be part of the “return” of Nintendo . Takahashi answered the following:

” We are very happy to have been nominated with many awards this year, ” he began. “We have tried to create many products that would surprise all the users of the world and we are very happy to witness the success of Nintendo Switch.”

In turn, indicated that Super Mario Odyssey , available on Switch, served to bring “freshness” to the iconic Nintendo saga.

Finally, the final question provoked a more than interesting answer . When asked if Switch’s success had been a surprise, Takahashi stated the following:

” Nintendo is constantly working on hardware , so we’ve been researching and developing,” he said. “You can see the new system at some time in the future.”

SEGA will announce something important tomorrow

SEGA has communicated, through its official Twitter channel , an upcoming and imminent announcement . It will be held tomorrow in the framework of SEGA FES , an event of the brand itself, to be held in Tokyo.

“You must not miss this, SEGA fans!” They pray in their tweet, which has been illustrated with a drawing with Sonic and colorful forms of the signature. Stay tuned for the next few hours to TechDeal , where we will tell you all about this enigmatic ad.

New figures and collectibles from The Witcher

CD Projekt RED and Dark Horse have announced an agreement for the creation and sale of new collectables based on The Witcher saga. Among the products advertised are the Geralt figures and other characters in the game.

In the following images you can see the figures made in collaboration between the developer and Dark Horse for Geralt, Shani, Dandelion, and Ciri:

Geralt can be purchased for $ 39.99, but the figures of Shani and Dandelion will be waiting for a few days until March 14. Yes, they are available for your reservation.

The figure of Ciri, on the other hand, is a bust in which it is represented playing GWENT and will be sold in September. Its price will be $ 129.99. Remember the bust of Geralt that was announced a while ago.

Finally, there will also be a flask, which will cost $ 34.99, and which can now be reserved.

Top three most popular games of 2018 for Android

The games are the best entertaining things on our Android phones. Every year many games making companies release their best games and nowadays high-quality games are most demandable therefore after analyzing all the games of 2017 come up with the three most popular games of 2017 which still hold their position in 2018.

The games are chosen on their performance basis all over the world and according to their ratings on Google’s play store.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

A racing game which includes high-quality speed cars with proper license this includes Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Ducati including the racing bikes. The game is most widely played all over the world and maintains its popularity in 2018 also, it has over 300 Million downloads on play store.

8 Ball Pool

The world’s number one pool game made by Miniclip is one of the most popular games around the world. The game offers a real-life pool game experience in which you can play with international players too. The game is completely online and has different kinds of the level where you get coins and high-quality cues for playing the game. It is available in play store with over 100 Million downloads.

Cover Fire

Cover fire is an open challenge game in which you play an on-field battle with others and made your own strategy on the spot with no time. This game is a test of your decision-making which allows you to become a real veteran soldier with all types of weapons such as guns, pistol, sniper, and grenades. This new game achieves a rapid growth with over 5 Million downloads on the play store.

Earthlock launches on consoles and PC – March 8

The Earthlock team has announced that the game will arrive in its revised version and extended to PC on March 8. This is the version that will be released, on the same day, on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

l be priced at $ 29.99, but on PC users who bought the original version of Earthlock: Festival of Magic can download it for free.

The title will come in English, Norwegian and Japanese. The translation into other languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Polish) is being finalized, as all of them are being revised to reflect the changes and novelties of this new version of the game.

In addition, there will be additional translations that were not present in the original: Russian and Portuguese. In all cases, the team hopes to offer the translations to the different languages between four and six weeks after the launch of the game.

The team explained that, since the game has more than 60,000 words in its dialogues, they need time to make sure everything is well translated.

Sony withdraws the license in the Yakuza demo 6

A few days ago the demo of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on PlayStation Store was released. What should be a test with the option to unlock the entire game, an error caused that in the United States was distributed the final version, without limitation and free of charge. After removing this “demo” from PS Store, Sony has removed the license in the accounts, and can no longer play.

Sega has ensured that there will be no penalty for those who accessed the download – they were players who planned to download a demo – and that their progress will be maintained in the final version.

However, Sega has not released news about the re-launch of the demo before the launch, on April 17.

Yakuza 6 is the final chapter in the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu. The story will lead Kiryu to travel to a new city near Hiroshima, investigating what happened to a supposed Haruka accident. In this location, you will meet a new clan, the Himei Alliance.