BeyondPod’s first public update in two years is reportedly buggy and unusable

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BeyondPod's first public update in two years is reportedly buggy and unusable

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6 Comments on "BeyondPod’s first public update in two years is reportedly buggy and unusable"


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Was on beta when they made a release that totally broke it on Android 8.0.

After looking in their forums I find out the app had been sold and the new owner was struggling to update it, took months to finally release and update and seems it’s still not quite right.

Personally I moved on to Podcast Addict, which wile not perfect it does what I need and stays updated.


Yeah, beyondpod is way behind now. No chapter marks, no inline chapter comments, hell of a performance… any recomendations for a good podcatcher app on adroid?


This app always seemed to be really good, I even bought the key for it, but stopped using it due to the lack of updates and not even a hint of progress.


It is buggy, but it is far from unusable. The biggest bugs I’ve seen are:

* sometimes when I connect to my car it doesn’t start playing until I hit play on my phone.
* Sometimes the wearOS player controls stick around even when nothing is playing.
* Occasionally it shows the wrong art for a podcast but clears up if you scroll down and back up

I wouldn’t consider any of those things that make it unusable, but that’s just me.


I feel like most people switched long ago to Pocket Casts


Honestly after using pocketcasts on both Android and iOS, never looked back. Remember using beyondpod many years ago.

So glad to see you sticking around!

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