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3 Comments on "Apple vs Samsung: State of mobile silicon"

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No offense, OP, but could you have tried harder to have combined some of the worst sources and testing metrics around? I mean, seriously, Rene Ritchie from iMore? The guy known to lie time and time again to make Apple seem better than anyone else? Why should *anyone* with an ounce of objectivity care what he has to say? He has actually managed to demonstrate *less* technical knowledge than the average commenter on this sub, which is a pretty low bar indeed. And using Geekbench to compare SoCs is no less ridiculous, as Anandtech’s testing with the new Exynos quite… Read more »

We need to have Google System on Chip. Can we expect a SOC from Google by next year?

Rene Ritchie from iMore interviewed John Poole from Geekbench. The interview is about how mobile CPU core design has come on Android and is quite interesting. But this caught my eye: John: “Exactly. Looking back on what the Android phones have been, I’ve publicly complained about this, and I’ve said they’re slow. Looking at single-core performance, they’d fallen so far behind Apple that a new phone would come out and be a, “OK, great, you’re still hovering around the same point in performance that you’ve been for the last two years. What’s going on?” Now, of course, that Samsung’s caught… Read more »