Android Is Still Failing Where Apple’s iOS Is Winning

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Android Is Still Failing Where Apple's iOS Is Winning

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11 Comments on "Android Is Still Failing Where Apple’s iOS Is Winning"


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That’s one stupid title. It makes no reference to what the article is all about.

Also “iOS is failing where Android OS is winning” also holds true. As that’s the definition of winning or loosing. When one wins the other losses and vice-versa.


I don’t agree at all with his “out-of-date Android installs…(are) a blight on the OS”. That’s only a blight when it
interferes with the user experience and I don’t get the feeling a lot of people running older Android OS’s are suffering from it – I’m certainly not!


People who argue “everything is decoupled including Play Services” miss the point. A year old OS is a vulnerable one.


Budget phones typically run Android and they wouldn’t have the most updated OS.


Version is a number as long as you have the tools you need in your phone priced at the appropriate level


Its there one for linux & mac os also



This is why I prefer to get an Android phone from Nokia. This crap doesn’t happen with Nokia (so far).


Hey this isnt /r/apple. Go post it there for free karma. Ty


Why do tech journalist keep peddling the BS that Android developers have to support multiple “fragmented” OS releases?

For the billionth time, no Android developer targets a single Android OS release. They use the Android Support Library.

The library abstracts away newer OS APIs from implementation details and provides a compatibility shim for over 90% of all Android devices.

This means Android developers never have to worry about “fragmented OS” development.

I wonder when will the general press realize people running Android KitKat from 6 years ago have almost the same app functionality than those running Android P preview. I wonder even if they have used an actual Android phone once. Apple’s approach is to issue an OS upgrade to update the mail app. That concept of being brutally outdated if you don’t flash doesn’t exist in Android. Yeah you miss some security, and functionality in the notifications, and some cool stuff, but essentially you run mostly the same Gmail or Google Photos app whether you upgrade the OS or not.… Read more »

It’s not as bad as it used to be though. Even though the majority of android phones today are still running pre-Oreo versions, if they have the recent security patches then there’s nothing wrong with running them. The only thing that would be missing is new OS features that come with Oreo and later android P.

So glad to see you sticking around!

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