2K Games would be working on a new BioShock, according to a rumor

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Jason Schreier de Kotaku has published an extensive article dedicated to Hangar 13 , the creators of Mafia III . The text focuses mainly on the state of the team, which suffered many casualties after the launch. "Some left voluntarily, others were let go or asked to leave, some went to other companies, others to a secret neighbor studio that works on a new unannounced BioShock ."

"At the next door, a small group was working on a project called Parkside , quietly recruiting for a game so secret that they could not comment it to their colleagues at Hangar 13. However the information ran that was in fact a new game in one of the most interesting shooter sagas of the past decade: BioShock .

"If someone from Hangar 13 tried to get the conversation out with them, they would say 'oh, we can not really talk about it,' said one person familiar with the study. 'It was very tight.'"

"This caused some tension, because some developers of Hangar 13 looked and asked 'why are not we there?' The Parkside team worked with Unreal Engine technology instead of another own and volatile - that of Mafia III - and BioShock has a lot of caches between creators and fans, among the mediocre critiques and constant changes of Rhapsody - the project of Hangar 13 -, some members were desperate to change to the other door, some did, but not all. "

According to the article, Parkside is still not ready for many people to work on it . They are studying the core of BioShock and are careful not to fall for the same problem as other studies, where there are too many people and nothing to do for them. "

This is precisely what would have happened in Hangar 13 at the end of 2017 until February 15 of this year a significant number of staff were dismissed - some went to other 2K studios.

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